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We are the only firm in Vancouver, Canada, with the connections and expertise to resolve and assist with complex legal international problems. Our team is qualified to practice and understand the law in Canada and in Spanish speaking jurisdictions. Our clients include mining companies, families and corporations. We determine the best and cost-effective legal avenue in Canada, in Latin America and some countries in Europe. We offer the competitive cultural advantage in the delivery of legal services. Read more about our credentials.


We have extensive experience incorporating business structures in Canada and in foreign countries. We also have partnership agreements with important accounting and tax firms to take care of the tax consequences of your new enterprise. We have experience and connections of making companies public in Canada, including mining and cannabis companies.

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We coordinate the buying and purchase of the business and the due diligence, assisting foreign companies in acquiring assets and shares from existing Canadian corporations or companies located in attractive Spanish speaking countries. We offer access to Canadian public markers for raising capital.

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Acquiring property in a Spanish speaking country could be intimidating as it demands compliance with several regulations and formalities. We have successfully helped companies and individuals in the due diligence of buying a property in Mexico and South America.

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We coordinate all legal stages for mining companies in Latin American jurisdictions, from permits to negotiations with the locals.

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We have expertise in dealing with extradition requests from Spanish Speaking Countries and facilitate criminal defence in foreign jurisdictions.

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Canada and the province of British Columbia offer a fantastic opportunity to start a new life away from corruption, with more job opportunities and less pollution and crime. There are different programs under the federal and provincial regulations to immigrate to Canada temporarily or permanently. After a careful review of your documentation and background I will provide you with an accurate legal opinion about your chances to immigrate or remain in Canada and I will help you in the process.

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